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Supervisory Leadership Certificate

Earn the Supervisory Leadership Certificate and learn how you can become an even more effective leader.

Learn Your Way to Earning the Supervisory Leadership Certificate

Being a leader takes more than a professional title change and move up the corporate ladder. Leadership requires a lot of different skillsets that often change as the staff changes, culture changes or as time changes. Did you just get promoted to a leadership role or are you a supervisor that has been managing for years. Either one requires constant skills updating and training to manage the changing leadership landscape. This supervisory leadership certificate provides intermediate to advanced level training courses that help new leaders and seasoned managers stay on top of their leadership skills.

Courses that we have selected for this certificate are presented in OnDemand format. Each course was previously recorded live and is presented in our OnDemand presentation tool that tracks your participation and completion. Every Lorman course is taught by professionals that are experts in the industry.

Earning the Supervisory Management Certificate will give you the ability to showcase your continuing effort to improve professionally and excel in your position.

Certificate Requirements: 

1. Complete all five courses required within 90 Days of date of purchase. 
2. Attendance verification validated upon each course completion
3. Certificate Will Be Mailed with 7 - 10 Business Days

Courses Required:

Don't Just Coach Your Staff, Develop Them

How do you transform coaching from a check-the-box activity to a process that moves the needle on performance by changing thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors? This topic provides practical tips and best practices for engaging and empowering your employees to collaborate in their own development. And it provides techniques for getting employee buy-in to owning their own results. It prepares managers to guide and mentor an increasingly diverse workforce.

Length: 57 Minutes
Faculty: Kerry Weiner Elkind - The Elkind Group

Maintain Positive Working Relationships With Everyone on Your Team

Learn effective strategies to create and maintain positive, valuable work relationships.In today's fast paced environment, good communication skills are not good enough. We need to learn Intentional Engagement in order to create rapport, trust, and ultimately, a climate where all members feel valued and respected. Only when employees feel recognized as valuable individuals, will they strive to produce to their fullest potential. This topic provides you Intentional Engagement techniques that empower you to create trust, build alliances, and leave your team members feeling understood, valued, and motivated.

Length: 54Minutes
Faculty: Januarie Wood - UltraLifeSolutions, LLC

How to Say "No" and Still Keep Employees Happy

Be the best boss. Empower employees - even when turning down their requests - by understanding and appreciating what’s most important to them. You may be the best boss on earth, but you will need to say no to your employees from time to time. For any number of reasons, you may need to reject an idea, turn down a vacation request, or decline a raise. If you want the business to succeed, you can’t avoid these types of scenarios. As a leader, you can communicate with effectiveness and grace when you deliver information with a person’s natural wiring in mind. With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, you can recognize and appreciate what matters to them – leaving your employees empowered. This topic provides specific ways to say no based on your employee’s natural wiring (which you’ll be able to spot) that can improve workplace relationships, increase productivity, and strengthen employee morale.

Length: 61 Minutes
Faculty: Lisa Mininni - Excellerate Associates

Don't Dwell on Differences of Opinion - Learn from Them

Understand how to disagree with employees in an agreeable manner.V1H Consulting will provide instruction on the causes of workplace conflict and will provide you with an understanding of the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and at the lowest possible level. Conflict is an inevitable part of work. People with different goals often clash. Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. When solving conflicts, we can often arrive at solutions to other underlying issues that need solving. This topic will include understanding the conflict and knowing more about those whose ideas, beliefs and backgrounds may be different from your own. It will also ensure that relationships with opponents continue and grow. You will learn how to communicate with the opposition and brainstorm resolutions. You will also learn to find peaceful solutions to difficult situations by exploring alternatives and choosing the best resolution for all parties involved.

Length: 59 Minutes
Faculty: Larry Hammond, Sr. - V1H Consulting, Irma Vargas - V1H Consulting

Your Best Employee Leaves, Now What? Strategies to Effectively Cross-Train and Rotate Job Duties

Don’t scramble if and when your best employee resigns. Understand and implement cross-training now to keep your organization running smoothly.Many organizations today are so lean and slimmed-down in staffing that, when a top performer leaves, the organization’s leaders do not know what to do to make up for the void created by that loss. This topic helps managers prepare for staff turnover of critical talent by describing how to plan cross-training, implement it effectively, and evaluate results. The workshop also describes the valuable role that job rotation can play in cross-training staff.

Length: 62 Minutes
Faculty: William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPLP Fellow


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