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Paralegal Compliance Certificate

Continue your compliance growth as a paralegal with the paralegal compliance certificate.

Learn Your Way to Earning the Paralegal Compliance Certificate

The Paralegal Compliance Certification is designed with courses that will contribute to a paralegal's commitment to continued knowledge and growth. Paralegals are an important part of the legal system including the compliance with today's legal laws and regulations.  Law firms continue to search for paralegals with strong skills including the ability to stay compliant within the highly regulated industry.

Courses that we have selected for the Paralegal Compliance  certificate are presented in OnDemand format. Each course was previously recorded live and is presented in our OnDemand presentation tool that tracks your participation and completion. Every Lorman course is taught by professionals that are experts in the industry.  Earning the Paralegal Compliance Certificate will give paralegals the ability to showcase their continuing ability to stay ahead of the compliance nature of their career.

Certificate Requirements: 

1. Complete all five courses required within 90 Days of date of purchase. 
2. Attendance verification validated upon each course completion
3. Certificate Will Be Mailed with 7 - 10 Business Days

Courses Required:

Paralegal's Guide to Client Confidentiality Rules

Increase your understanding of the rules of confidentiality to protect your clients and your team. The rules of confidentiality and their importance will be reviewed. The rules of ethics govern our communications. Communication is vital in every law office and practice. Clients must be able to communicate their needs to all law office staff and personnel, and these communications must be protected. Also, there should be no conflicts of interests when representing a client. A review of representation and communication rules will be provided.

Length: 93 Minutes
Faculty: Lisa Morris Robinson, Rosen Law Firm

Paralegals Guide to Unauthorized Practice of Law

Avoid putting yourself and your attorneys at risk by understanding and preventing unauthorized practice of law.Paralegals are a very important part of the legal team and participate in almost all aspects of the delivery of legal services to clients. Paralegals can perform multiple types of projects under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Paralegals, however, must be careful not to commit UPL as serious consequences can accrue for violations. This topic is critical for paralegals who want to be able to identify what activities constitute the practice of law, navigate common UPL situations, prevent UPL, and avoid putting attorneys at risk for improper supervision and prevention of UPL by their paralegals.

Length: 90 Minutes
Faculty: Karin M. Scheehle, Gallagher & Kennedy

Corporate Recordkeeping Techniques for Paralegals

Get a firm grasp on the different types of corporate entities and gain the skills to confidently update and modify corporate documents. This topic will cover corporate recordkeeping techniques for paralegals, and will emphasize practical skills. Explore the different types of entities, the basic documents underlying the entities, and the procedures to update and modify such documents; the drafting of resolutions and the maintenance of corporate minute books, including stock ledgers and blue sky issues. Also explore contract maintenance and review. This topic is designed to afford you a practical skill set approach to common corporate recordkeeping issues.

Length: 90 Minutes
Faculty: Alan H. Aronson, Akerman LLP

Litigation Support for Paralegals

Learn practical strategies for providing effective and efficient litigation support. Your client received a subpoena for documents...what now? Obviously you need to advise your client not to destroy any evidence. In this topic, you will learn those methods and how to collect and preserve the same. Such techniques you will learn litigation hold letters, how to collect then preserve the evidence and the best methods to turn over the evidence. Your instructor has had numerous years of experience doing just that with working on DOJ, high exposure litigation matters, and will show you non stress methods of how to get the job done.

Length: 82 Minutes
Faculty: Raeann Bromark, Rosenblum & Newfield LLC

Ethics for Paralegals

The responsibilities and professional obligations of paralegals are impacted by various rules of professional conduct and national, state, and local professional association guidelines. Paralegals face the same ethics issues which attorneys encounter and are also responsible for following the ethics rules applicable to lawyers. Thus, paralegals should not only know the applicable guidelines for paralegals, but should also understand the rules of professional conduct applicable to lawyers, the subjects of which rules paralegals are likely to encounter on a regular basis. The more paralegals are aware of the rules and their application in practice, the more paralegals will avoid problems. This topic will give you an overview of common ethics issues, guidelines, and the rules of professional conduct applicable to lawyers as well as the paralegals who assist them.

Length: 89 Minutes
Faculty: Gilda T. Russell, Esq.


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