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Online Customer Service Training Programs and Other Continuing Education Options

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Customer service is one of the building blocks of any great business. No matter how innovative your product or service is, unless itís supported by a genuine emotional connection to your clients, sustainable growth will remain a challenge. Customer service is about solving problems when they come up, and using the talents of your team to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Online Training vs. Seminars: Which Is Best for Customer Service Training?

Until recently, having staff attend customer service training seminars was the easiest way to keep their skills current. However, this involves sending key staff away from work, possibly for days at a time. In-house training, another popular option, may require resources organizations donít have, and isnít always economically viable for many small businesses.

If youíre looking for a smarter, more convenient way to train your customer service team, look no further than Lorman Education Services. We offer live and OnDemand customer service training programs that help your staff hone their skills and learn how to develop stronger bonds with stakeholders at all levels. Our web-based programming offers all the benefits of conventional customer service training seminars, with none of the hassle and considerably less of the expense.

Explore Our Online Customer Service Training Seminars

Customer Service Training Seminars Resources

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Lorman Education Servicesí online training programs:

We host dozens of live training programs every month. Previously recorded programming is also available to download or stream in our OnDemand archive. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest additions to our catalog.

Our Courses

Previously recorded programming available for download in our OnDemand archive includes:

And more. Use the search function on this page to explore your options in detail, or contact a customer response team member for assistance.

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Customer Service Training Seminars

Whether youíre a sales rep looking to improve your skills, or a manager looking for a convenient training solution for your entire team, Lorman Education Services can help. Take individual courses for as little as $99, or purchase an All-Access Pass to get a full year of unlimited training for just $699.

We also offer special small business enterprise licenses that are an affordable alternative to hosting an in-person customer service training seminar or event. One of our team members would be happy to help you put together a package of courses tailored to the needs of your organization ó call or email for details.

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