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Continuing Education for Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Training Courses Including Live Online Presentations, On-demand Resources and Bookstore Products

Customer service representatives (CSR) are typically on the front lines of an organization. They often serve as the customers’ primary points of contact and bear the responsibility of responding to inquiries, providing reliable information about the company’s products and services, and resolving disputes in a timely manner. Superior customer service is essential to the ongoing success of just about any organization.

Lorman Education Services offers a suite of customer service representative online training courses to help CSRs improve their skills in many critical areas. Our programs are ideally suited for brand-new CSRs, as well as experienced reps looking to fulfill their continuing education requirements. Our programs cover relevant topics such as how to make a favorable first impression, how to deal with difficult customers and improving the computer skills that are part of the customer service job function in many organizations.

Benefits of Our Customer Service Representative Online Training Courses

Benefits of Lorman CSR training programs include:

Csr Training Resources

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Complete Your Customer Service Representative Training Online

Our customer service representative online training courses make developing your CSR skill sets a fast and convenient process. Our online training programs include:

We’ve Been Providing Superior Training Programs for Nearly Three Decades

Lorman has been providing programs for continuing education for customer service representatives and other professionals for more than 28 years. Regardless of your industry, we can offer a comprehensive, easy-to-follow course that meets your unique training requirements. You’ll be able to enhance your existing skill sets and develop new skills that will make you more efficient and productive.

Please take a look at our current selection of customer service representative online training courses and feel free to contact us for additional information.

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