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Advanced Management Certificate

Learn the skills needed to become more than just a good manager

Learn Your Way to Earning the Advanced Management Certificate

Management skills are constantly evolving as your business changes, industry changes or employees change. Great managers know that to stay ahead of the curve you have you continue to develop your skills.  Continuing to educate and train will help good managers turn into great managers and leaders.  Our Advanced Management certificate is designed to teach managers more than just the basic experiences. Managers need to continue to get better and this certificate helps managers do just that. Keep ahead and stay ahead with our Advanced Management certificate. 

The Advanced Management certificate will teach you:

  • Leadership skills and the confidence to execute them
  • Communication tips and how to manage multiple different situations
  • How to promote positive production to create more output
  • Ways to overcome conflicts and difficult situations

Courses that we have selected for the Advanced Management certificate are presented in OnDemand format. Each course was previously recorded live and is presented in our OnDemand presentation tool that tracks your participation and completion. Every Lorman course is taught by professionals that are experts in the industry.

Certificate Requirements: 

1. Complete all five courses required within 90 Days of date of purchase. 
2. Attendance verification validated upon each course completion
3. Certificate Will Be Mailed with 7 - 10 Business Days

Courses Required:

Conflict Management Strategies

Discover more effective ways to recognize, respond to, and manage conflict in your workplace.Conflict is apparent in the workplace, especially during tough business times where resources are light and tempers are shorter. Most people lack basic conflict management skills and react to conflict on a purely emotional level. In reacting to conflict, many managers will attempt to ignore the problem in hopes that they will just disappear. However, this method will create more stress and tension in the workplace and cause additional conflict among the parties and even involve others in the conflict. This topic will guide you to manage disputes and disagreements positively and proactively. This topic is designed to clarify and expand your thinking about conflict, as well as identify underlying causes of, and new ways to respond to and manage conflict. It is more productive to respond to conflict rather than react to it. You will learn about emotional triggers and be able to recognize those triggers in an effort to prevent explosive situations. The topic will outline flexible strategies of conflict management that will improve your communication performance and ability to respond to conflict. Learn different ways to manage conflict productively by examining the gender trend; discussing the different types of conflict in the workplace; and developing conflict awareness. Learn how to map the conflict and explore alternatives to resolve the conflict quickly and effectively.

Length: 56 Minutes
Faculty: Jackie A. Sexson

Manager Documentation Do's And Don'ts

Avoid common documentation mistakes made by managers and supervisors that could cost you down the road. Juries continue to remind us of the need for accurate performance documentation, as highlighted by the recent nearly $11 million dollar verdict in Wadler v. Bio-Rad, a whistleblower case involving a company’s former General Counsel. A crucial piece of evidence was a negative performance evaluation prepared after the plaintiff’s termination. This topic provides valuable information on how to document job performance and disciplinary actions that will stand up to scrutiny by a judge or jury.

Length: 60 Minutes
Faculty: Mary Topliff - Law Offices of Mary L. Topliff

High Impact Change Agents: Fundamental Skills of Change-Catalysts and Peak Performing Leaders

Learn effective strategies to gain buy-in and lead change in a constantly evolving consumer market.Organizations must not only be able to devise and nimbly implement strategies, target processes and streamline objectives if they are to keep pace with evolving industry and market challenges. Equally, their leaders must also be skillful at facilitating people effectively through the very human aspects of change from costly resistance to productive commitment. While the most successful organizations teach and know how to apply these facilitative skills, many less successful ones are missing crucial pieces of the human dynamics puzzle related to change readiness and commitment. This topic is an introduction for leaders who want to lead change initiatives proactively. It focuses on helping the leaders guide their organizations through the most challenging aspects of change by successfully overcoming the kinds of emotional objections that stall progress and buy-in.

Length: 59 Minutes
Faculty: Afsaneh Noori - Change Thrivers

Managing Negative Chatter in the Workplace

Negativity has become an accepted/tolerated attitude in American businesses today. The negativity is costing companies - large, small, and every size in-between - money. The loss of revenue is due to decreased productivity, lost customers, stress, miscommunication and fear. Often it doesn't get addressed by business managers, supervisors or owners until the problem is affecting the company's bottom line and its existence.

This timely topic helps the people responsible for managing employees, their activities and the company productivity understand how to deal with the negative actions without creating more negativity. Understand how to retain those employees, strengthen their skills, and acknowledge their positive value to the company and ultimately the company's bottom line. 

Length: 56 Minutes
Faculty: Donna Baylor - TRANSITION Seminars, Inc.

Best Practices for Communicating Performance Expectations

Enhance your employees’ performance by communicating your expectations and your strategy to get there.

If enhancing employee performance to obtain your organization’s mission is important to you then 'Best Practices for Communicating Performance Expectations' will help you create immediate steps to improve your performance management system.

This topic provides you with the basic concepts of a performance management system and the practices in implementing a productive performance strategy within your divisions, or within the organization. This understanding empowers you to translate their strategy into actions that can be measured and monitored.

Length: 89 Minutes
Faculty: Cheryl Grazier - Cheryl Grazier Consulting LLC


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