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Administrative Assistant Office Management Certificate

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Learn Your Way to Earning the Administrative Assistant Office Management Certificate

Administrative assistants have some of the most demanding job functions, are constantly performing multiple roles while often being the face of the company. Administrative assistants office duties are ever evolving, which requires ongoing learning and training.  This office management certificate will take you through the required courses to help make you ready to manage every day scenarios in the office.   Once you complete the series of courses, your Certificate of Office Management will be mailed to you within 7 business days.

Courses that we have selected for this certificate are presented in OnDemand format. Each course was previously recorded live and is presented in our OnDemand presentation tool that tracks your participation and completion. Every Lorman course is taught by professionals that are experts in the industry.

Earning the Administrative Assistant Office Management Certificate will give you the ability to showcase your continuing effort to improve professionally and excel in your position.

Certificate Requirements: 

1. Complete all five courses required within 90 Days of date of purchase. 
2. Attendance verification validated upon each course completion
3. Certificate Will Be Mailed with 7 - 10 Business Days

Courses Required:

Strategies for Managing Interruptions

Learn to effectively handle interruptions so you can refocus quicker and be more productive. Interruptions at work happen. Handling a wide variety of administrative tasks you often have limited time to complete your work due to frequent interruptions. These interruptions can break your train of thought and slow your work pace. Anticipating the pressure and finding ways to redirect it in more meaningful directions so you can maintain control of your work is important. How you deal with interruptions and what your strategies for handling them matters. It's critical to stay focused, not just for your own priorities, but for those of the company as well. You will learn some strategies and some simple techniques to manage interruptions, create a win - win situation for both you and your boss, and learn how to bounce back and refocus in order to be more productive.

Length: 55 Minutes
Faculty: Audrey Halpern

Advanced Meeting Minutes

Gain the tools, tips and strategies you’ll need to reach the next level of minute taking to advance your career. Effective minutes serve as a major pillar in the structural foundation of an organization. The information contained in these minutes provides historical facts, not opinions, for future growth and development of the organization. Too often, too much unnecessary information is included in the minutes. As a skilled administrative professional, effective minute production is a key factor in not only the growth and development of the organization, but also in the professional advancement of the administrative assistant. The topic based on Robert’s Rules of Order will equip you with advanced knowledge of effective minutes and you should be able to apply this knowledge to situations encountered in the workplace.

Length: 60 Minutes
Faculty: Sandra K. Olson, PRP

Managing Projects Effectively for Administrative Professionals

Don’t be in a panic the next time a project is dropped on your desk. Learn to effectively manage projects to meet expectations and maintain budget. In today’s world, many operations once performed by specialists are assigned to administrative professionals as 'projects.' However, few administrative professionals receive training or tools to help them manage projects efficiently and effectively. The 'project' is added to an already full schedule, major decisions have been made elsewhere, and you have no 'team' to carry out the work. As a result of this topic, administrative professionals will be able to plan, execute, and manage projects to get desired results on time and on budget. Many projects fail because they have no focusing definition. Administrative professionals will be able to create a business problem statement to prevent scope creep and put all effort into solving the problem. You will define potential risks and determine which ones will require contingency plans. You will learn to use simple tools to manage projects of any size and provide stakeholders with the results they expect.

Length: 89 Minutes
Faculty: Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D.

Essential Online Tools to Become a Tech Savvy Administrative Professional

Begin to leverage technology for everyday tasks to become more organized and more technology-aware.Administrative professionals are required to use technology every day on the job, but all too often, their skills are self-taught. As a result, they aren’t aware of the many resources out there to help them become more tech savvy. This information will help all administrative professionals to support corporate collaborations, better track documents through content management systems, identify software applications that will reduce their workload through streamlined tasks and discover educational resources to reduce the learning curve for new software programs they are assigned in the workplace.

Length: 59 Minutes
Faculty: Phil Gerbyshak

Security Strategies You Must Know - The Front Desk is the First Line of Defense

Gain a better understanding of how to handle security threats and other unexpected situations to keep yourself and your organization safe. There are always unexpected events happening at the front desk – from coworkers dumping work on you because ‘you aren’t doing anything right now’ to visitors that are rude and/or unruly. These things not only impact those men and women that work in that position, these negative events impact organizations and can have devastating effects. How you respond to events such as these – and many others that you face daily is part of your job. This topic helps the people in those positions have a better understanding of how to deal with those expected and unexpected daily occurrences.

Length: 89 Minutes
Faculty: Donna Baylor


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